Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lithuanian Slalom/Formula Cup 2015

Hey guys,

A few days ago we had a powerful slalom/FW competition held in Kintai - one of the best spots for slalom competition in Lithuania. I must say - it was intense. Not only we had strong winds, but we also had a fierce fight with TOP 5 sailors. You can find all about by reading further, so good luck and have fun reading! :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Štai ir antra straipsnio apie slalomo startą dalis. Kiekvienas buriuotojas turi vis kitokią taktiką kaip geriausiai startuoti, todėl manau du skirtingi požiūriai padės jum susidaryti bendrą vaizdą. Pastebėsite, kad yra dalykų kuriuos tiek aš tiek Arnas labai pabrėžiam (įsidėmėkit juos), arba kur mes turime skirtingas nuomones. Tai nereiškia, kad mano ar Arno startai yra geresni, tiesiog skirtingi metodai pasiekti tam pačiam rezultatui.

1)      Pasiruošimas startui. Svarbiausia tiksliai žinoti starto procedūrą. Kokios vėliavos, kiek minučių ir t.t. Paprastai tai būna paaiškinama per vairininkų susirinkimą. Jeigu nesupratot, drąsiai klauskit teisėjo. Jo pareiga yra paaiškinti jums taisykles, starto procedūrą ir distanciją. 
Nuotraukos yra iš PWA varžybų, kaip matote niekas i startą daugiau nei 3 sekundes nevėluoja - toks turėtų būti ir jūsų tikslas. Šiuos nuotraukos yra pavyzdžiai gerų startų.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Slalomo startas!

Norint gerai startuoti slalomo varžybose – labai svarbu gerai startuoti. Tikro, kieto slalomisto tikslas turėtų būti kirsti starto liniją maximaliu greičiu tik suskambus teisėjo signalui. 

Kaip tai padaryti?

Friday, 8 May 2015

Lithuania's Windsurfing Cup - Nida 2015 Spring

Hey guys,

A quick and brief post about RS:X Lithuania's Windusirfing Cup. It was completely vice versa as I expected before going to Nida but it was still a massive amount of fun. Nida, was, is and will be one of the best places where competition can be held in Lithuania.

This photo somehow matches what my expectation was compared to reality.

By signing to go to Nida, the forecast showed a stable 6-7m/s of wind that made me think of how crazy and awesome it will be to compete in plaining conditions with RS:X! It was fun, and it was crazy - with no doubt, just take your time and make a guess, if there was no wind or too much wind??

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

VG Spring Tour - You go or you stay behind

Have you ever sailed in the downwind slalom competition where you had to make a double tack to take the first mark? Well, I did.
Have you ever sailed in the downwind slalom competition where your gear and your ability to get plaining means everything? Well, I did.
As a matter of fact it was just last weekend at VG Spring Tour, Stage 1. It was fantastic, hard, tricky and at the same time first slalom competition this year.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

FW Worlds summary

The last day
Sunday was the hardest racing day of my life. With the wind gusting up to 30 knots and the sea state best described as – boiling (2.5m sea swell + many different directions of wind chop), holding on to 10.7 was a challenge. Everybody who had 10 or 9.5 were using it - only me, Maciek POL 23, Nico GER 7 and Vincent GER 1 were on 11s. I have never seen so many catapults in races as I have seen on that day. Personally I was using the second chicken strap to have at least a tiny bit of control on the downwind run and I only felt once, - when I was standing in both FRONT footsraps – don’t even ask. By the end of the second race most of the guys in the fleet looked pretty much done. And that gave me a chance to rack up some better results. Even though I was on a bigger sail, due to my good physical conditioning I still had plenty of energy left for 3rd and 4th race of the day. So I focused up pushed through pain and discomfort of holding on to 10.7 on the upwind in 30 knots and finished 15th and 17th. These results allowed me to move into 23rd spot in Overall ranking of the event.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

FW Worlds, Day 4 (AKA 57 knots day)

No races today. And the reason is....(drum roll) we had to much £$%% wind and then we got rain, cold weather and that was it for the day. And when I say too much wind I mean it was hard to walk,  gusts were measured up to 57 knots

Saturday, 11 April 2015

FW Worlds, Day 3

Today we had 4 races.
In the morning it looked like a calm day, and the AP was put up. But soon the wind increased to 10-15 and we went racing. On the course there were some lulls, but I think the average was 14-17 knots. I was overpowered on 12.5 but so was half of the fleet. The other half went out on 11. Nevertheless, I finished in 19th place.
I managed to change down to 10.7 between the first and the second race. And that was great because when I went back out I was already overpowered on 10.7 and so was everyone. I was so eager to do well in this race that I jumped the gun and got an OCS. Too bad, I think I finished that race in TOP20 as well.
Then we had a short lunch break, during which almost everyone changed down to 10s, But as you know I don't have a 10. So I was a big boy and went out with 10.7 again. This time I lengthened my harness lines by around 3 inches, and that made going in these hard conditions so much easier. I was still slow as a dog on the upwind, but I wasn't flying away and on the downwind I was going at the speed of light - so much fun. Surprisingly people on 10s were not much faster than me and after the break I finished 20th and 22nd.

Still not perfect result, but taking into account that I never liked strong wind and now after 6 months break I haven't started liking them any more I consider this a fair result in this very strong fleet.
Tomorrow there is a storm coming through, gusting up to 47 knots - so it is gonna be interesting.
Sorry, no photos today.