Monday, 23 February 2015

2015 Winter Windsurfing European Championship

This is an article by my good friend Paulius Voverys LTU 718 who just came back from WWEC in Finland.
Hello everybody! I have just came back from 2015 Winter Windsurfing European Championship I am still full experiences which I’ll share with you right now. Hosted by Finns and sponsored by, Oy Brandt Ab, Honda, RipCurl, Fazer, Airice, 3D Wind Service the competition took place in Finland, Espoo.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

NEW VISION CUP - Nida 2014

Hello hello hello!

I am more than excited and can't wait to tell you about the NEW VISION CUP 2014, which took place in June 21st- 24th . Just last weekend we had an amazing competition held in Nida which was organized by Vėjas Galvoje. Thanks for the organizers, you did a great job!

We arrived at Nida at Friday and as soon as we got in place we started rigging our gear. The wind was offshore and according to the forecast was hitting up to 8-9 m/s. Well, as it was not the first time in Nida for me from the coast line I saw that 7.0 m2 sail should be my choice of the day.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Red Bull Storm Chase - 2013/2014

Hey guys! Long time no see! After the last post of Rytis with adorable surfers it’s my time to shine! And this week I just can’t stop myself from not writing about the latest event in the Windsurfing world that blows me away every-single-time. The event is called – Red Bull Storm Chase.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Alana Blanchard and something to think about!

And here we goo!
Check out this latest video clip from surfer girl Alana Blanchard. Actually you can check all the previous once as well. And after you have enjoyed the view of all nice beaches, perfect waves and Alana herself of course you can think a bit deeper.

Monday, 17 February 2014


And here we are!
Since the last post many things have changed in my and Arnas' life and that was the reason we did not post.
I am now studying in the University of Warwick in UK. Top 5 Uni in UK, however not windsurfing wise. Actually it is almost impossible to windsurf around here, - at least for now. Thus, I've joined the rowing club of the university and now I am fitter than ever before.
Arnas has been studying for over a year now, but this year he has started work as real estate agent as well (keep that in mind if you need to sell your wood cabin for a couple millions haha).
In the end we do not really had what to write about as we did not windsurf. However, we knew that you guys are still following us, reading old posts. Each day that I did not write something here was building on me like a pile of bricks. And I reached the moment where I just could't live with it any more.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

FW JYM Worlds Day 2

Today we have offshore wind again. That means that the water is totaly flat, however very gusty.
We had two races already. In the first race I was first and in the second race I was second. Now I have 3 points and sit in the second position. First is Christian Justessen DEN 26. He was second and first.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

FW JYM Worlds Day 1

Today there were no races completed. Although the race officer got us out on the water and gave 2 starts for the youth fleet. However, the wind was too light and not stable enough for proper racing.
I am feeling really well in these flat water light wind conditions. So we will see how it goes tommorow.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FW Europeans summary

Third year in a row Latvia we have a major FW event and third year in a row I can say that the event was really successful. This year we had 15 races overall - the maximum.
The organisation was really nice. We had a huge tent on the beach where we could hide from rain showers, chill on sitting bags or leave the equipment. We also had lunch provided, although the portions were really small (had to eat 3 to be half full :) , and the quality of the food wasn't always perfect.